13 years of App Development Experience

EPage has been developing apps since 2008, releasing hundreds of apps for Blackberry, iOS, and Android devices. We can build your games, virtual reality solution, video focused app and more. We have many hackathon winning ideas…

Our team has extensive experience to create and implement a low risk, low cost, high performance solution for our clients. Combined, we have over 150 man-years of experience in system design, app development, networking, server design and management, and database architecture.

EPage has considerable experience working with large clients. We have worked with Canadian telecommunications leader TELUS, developed solutions for automotive manufacturers Subaru of America, Inc., American Honda Motor Company, Inc., and Suzuki Motor of America. Additionally, we have worked with electronics manufacturers including Dell, Best Buy, Sharp Electronics Corporation, and Sony Biotechnology Inc.

  • Collaborative Design Methodology. Experience with large projects in the Aerospace industry and in the private sector enables the team to implement a collaborative yet highly efficient and reliable design by utilizing system design specifications prior to development, and industry leading documentation philosophies that provide needed efficiencies during latter stage release phases.
  • Relationships with Public and Private Sector. The team has extensive community involvement at the local level (volunteer and elected leadership), County level with the Supervisor’s office, as well as State legislators and the California State PTA.
  • Geolocation. Multiple apps, including a child safety service that monitors location of dozens of schoolchildren on field trips, and advanced proprietary algorithms developed as part of VXTechnology where we can plot people’s location mapped directly onto non-linear portions of maps.
  • Many apps with Push Notifications, as well as timed notifications and geofencing.
  • Direct contact and support with Amazon, Google, and Apple from a technical development perspective as well as production, release, and deployment.
  • Server to Server Communications.
  • Extensive use of Github, as well as other cloud services including Jira for issue tracking and agile team collaboration, and multiple integrated analytics platforms.
  • Deployment. Released hundreds of apps to both Google Play and Apple App stores, as well as using their tools for limited and large-scale beta release programs.
  • Messaging. Experienced in deploying web sites and materials in multiple languages.
  • Dashboards. Developed customer focused dashboards displaying real time statistics for viewers of nationally broadcast training programs, survey results, and after show metrics for executives.

Blasts from the Past

Jones Soda (2009)

  • Take a photo with your camera or pull one from your photo album.
  • Add text for a personalized message.
  • Choose from your favorite Jones Flavors.
  • Order and 2 weeks later it’s on your doorstep.
  • iPhone

Bad Fruitcake (2010)

  • Get in the holiday spirit by launching fruitcakes.
  • Higher scores for direct hits.
  • A lighthearted fun little game.
  • iPhone

Impossible Quiz (2011)

  • Android port of the popular iPhone app.
  • Over 100 challenging, interactive, and entertaining questions.
  • Android

MCLA Lacrosse (2011)

  • News, scores, standings, stats, and more.
  • Supports all MCLA leagues.
  • Heavily cross-linked to view what you want.
  • Reached top 50 app in iTunes.
  • iPhone and Android

RZA’s World (2011)

  • The ultimate connection to everything RZA.
  • 3-D Chess game complete with hints and inspiration from RZA.
  • A private vault with access to exclusive video footage and merchandise.
  • Animated advice from RZA on life – from school, to dating, to work.
  • Facebook and Twitter – post, read, reply, and more.
  • iPhone and iPad

Suzuki Shopper (2011)

  • Learn ALL about the latest Suzuki vehicles.
  • Photos, videos, documents and specs.
  • See comparisons for similar vehicles from other manufacturers.
  • Browse by vehicle, or filter through the whole library.
  • iPad

Ultimate Bet Pro (2011)

  • Track all your sports wagers in one place.
  • Straight, multi-sport parlay, and confidence bets.
  • Review performance by day, week, season, and any combination of sports.
  • Real-time game scores.
  • Key game factors and expert advice to improve your wagers.
  • Injury reports and weather (where appropriate).
  • Reached top-50 app in iTunes.
  • iPhone

iSurvival (2011)

  • A bundle of handy survival features all in one app.
  • Compass, map, flashlight, emergency message, and more.
  • Passcode protected vault to store your vital information.
  • iPhone and Android

Trail Cam Manager (2012)

  • Map your camera locations and landmarks.
  • Capture and share photos with users.
  • Check weather forecasts.
  • Social streams with your peers.
  • Browse and watch videos.
  • iPhone and Android

Trex Decking and Railing Visualizer Tool (2012)

  • Easily visualize deck and railing materials and colors.
  • Explore hundreds of color and finish combinations.
  • Design your deck and railing with the touch of a finger.
  • Save your favorite designs.
  • iPad

Lafayette Mardi Gras (2012)

  • Schedule of all parades and bands.
  • Static and interactive maps.
  • Information on every Band and Krewe.
  • Ride specials for Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette.
  • iPhone and Android

Surf Social (2012)

  • Integrates all your social interaction into one app.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Email, Foursquare, Instant Messages, and much more.
  • Filter for one service or view them all.
  • Contacts list for easy communication.
  • Add and remove services dynamically right in the app.
  • iPhone and iPad

Ron Paul (2012)

  • Keep up with everything Ron Paul related.
  • News, articles, issues, history, legislation, books, events, platform, and much more.
  • Chat area to communicate with peers.
  • iPhone and Android

Klique (2013)

  • Life is better when we’re together.
  • Lets you and your friends meet new people together.
  • Swipe through Kliques before meeting in person.
  • iPhone

Sharp Central (2013)

  • What size TV suits you? Use this and find out.
  • Touch and Experience Never Before Seen Color.
  • Enhance Your Home Entertainment.
  • Sharp Connect.
  • iPhone and Android

American Idol Swipe (2014)

  • Android lock screen publishing, messaging, and advertising.
  • Vote for your favorite AMERICAN IDOL® contestants through Google during live show.
  • Browse exclusive content right from your lock screen.
  • Android

Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute (2014)

  • Up to date information about the practice.
  • Interactive Q&A with a specialist.
  • Appointment reminders and requests.
  • Real time announcements.
  • iPhone and Android

Comic Blitz (2015)

  • Unlimited access to thousands of digital comic books and graphic novels.
  • Stream comics.
  • Download up to 1GB of comics.
  • Save books for later on your Bookshelf.
  • Create custom reading lists.
  • iPhone and iPad

Musical Pairing (2015)

  • Enjoy musical pairing at every meal.
  • Pair music with food and beverages.
  • The ‘must have’ for Foodies.
  • iPhone and Android