EPage was established in 1994 to build services for the Web. In 2008 we began offering mobile development and have built hundreds of applications and services for clients. We specialize in complex apps that may require device-to-server communication, HIPAA compliance, and/or database management.

EPage is a Redondo Beach based website and mobile app development company, and we have developed well over 300 websites (since 1994) and apps (since 2008). The majority of our work was completed under NDA so we cannot disclose the details, but EPage has worked with a number of Japanese auto manufacturers, name brand computer manufacturers, as well as clients across the globe (Switzerland, Austrlia, England, UAE, and more).

What sets EPage apart from other developers is that because all employees are based in the LA Area you will be speaking with the person who is doing the development in your own language and in a nearby time zone.

We are fully familiar with making interactive apps, client server integration, database development, social media integration, geolocation, and more. Supported platforms include WordPress, AWS, Firebase/store, SQL, iOS, and Android.