About EPage

EPage was established in 1994 to build services for the Web. In 2008 we began offering mobile development and have built hundreds of applications and services for clients. We specialize in complex apps that may require device-to-server communication, HIPAA compliance, and/or database management.

EPage is a Redondo Beach-based website and mobile app development company, and we have developed well over 300 websites (since 1994) and apps (since 2008). The majority of our work was completed under NDA so we cannot disclose the details, but EPage has worked with several Japanese auto manufacturers, name-brand computer manufacturers, as well as clients across the globe (Switzerland, Australia, England, UAE, and more).

What sets EPage apart from other developers is that because all employees are based in the LA Area you will be speaking with the person who is doing the development in your language and in a nearby time zone.

We are fully familiar with making interactive apps, client-server integration, database development, social media integration, geolocation, and more. Supported platforms include WordPress, AWS, Firebase/store, SQL, iOS, and Android.

Team Leads

Peter Olpe is the President and Founder of EPage, Inc., and will be the team leader on this project. He has over 15 years of experience at TRW working on satellite digital/communications systems. His classified and non-classified program experience included robust fault-tolerant highly reliable designs for secure communications. At EPage he has concentrated his technical expertise on backend database and server design, client-server communication, as well as Android application development.

Peter enjoys being an active volunteer for the community as well as the County of Los Angeles. He serves as a County Commissioner with Los Angeles Beaches, appointed by Supervisor Janice Hahn. He enjoys serving both the community and the Supervisor, and networking with community leaders, the Department of Beaches and Harbors, the LA County Fire Department, as well as supervisor Hahn and her staff.

Peter served as President of the South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation Board of Trustees, and through this position has many contacts with community non-profits throughout the County, as well as County officials. The Foundation has over 8,000 members, and the garden serves well over 100,000 members of our community annually.

Edward Arenberg is the CTO of EPage, Inc. Edward started developing on iOS as soon as the platform opened up in 2008. He has now completed over 150 iOS applications for iPhone and iPad. Ed regularly competes, and wins, in hackathons developing innovative iOS app ideas.

After graduating from MIT in 1985, Edward worked in aerospace developing computing systems for spacecraft until he went full-time into independent development. In 1994 he formed EPage, where he was instrumental in developing some of the earliest interactive services on the Web, a few of which are still running today.

Brad Waller is the COO of EPage, Inc. With a degree in Physics from MIT, Brad has worked in engineering and marketing for the last 30 years. Brad started his career in the Aerospace industry doing things he can’t talk about, working in advanced Infrared technology, project management, and marketing. Brad worked with companies such as Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, and TRW, as well as the National Reconnaissance Office, the US Air Force, and other government agencies. Brad is one of the pioneers in online affiliate programs, creating the first custom classifieds for other websites in 1996 (predating Amazon by over three months), and is now a recognized expert and regular speaker.

Brad was elected to the Redondo Beach Unified School District Board of Education in 2013 where he twice served as Board President. He also served four years on the governing board of the Southern California Regional Occupational Center. Brad is currently serving as the Vice President for Education for California State PTA and previously served as Vice President for Communications where he was instrumental in their website re-design project, Social Media growth, and implementation of an Electronic Membership and payments system.

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