Dockweiler Beach, LA County, CA

VxTechnology Mobility Assistance App

  • Keep people together with separation alerts. Great for families, schools, or groups.
  • Easily show paths to locations like bathrooms, food, and facilities.
  • User-friendly maps with real-time updates.
  • Accessible paths for visitors with special needs.
  • Users get up-to-date information such as closures, alerts, and announcements.

How to use the demo

  • Click demo button to view incident notification example.
  • Toggle POI buttons to show facilities.
  • Click on map to show dynamic wayfinding.
  • Drag map to pan, and scroll wheel to zoom.


  • VxMap technology developed by EPage with support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation.
  • Works with any type of map, including hand-drawn art.
  • Separation alerts and location identification.
  • Dynamic wayfinding and nearest route calculation.